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Don Lafferty

Jamie & me. 1965

After my discharge from the US Air Force where I spent four years flight testing guidance systems for the B-1 bomber program, I entered the sales and marketing end of the electronics industry on the first working day of 1984.

Within a few short years, I’d become widely regarded as one of the strongest communicators in the business.

Since then, I’ve developed solutions for companies targeting new markets and increased market share, including some of the biggest brands in the electronics industry.

Mingl Marketing 3M Electronic Specialty Markets PEI-Genesis Newark Electronics Avnet

In 2012 Ron Musser and I co-founded Mingl Marketing Group, from which Comfort Media Group has spun off and become one of the leaders in Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing for the HVAC industry.

Comfort Media continues to lead the HVAC contractor marketing space with online portals for DIY contractor education, management of mix groups, mastermind groups and an exclusive, private online community for HVAC contractors and stakeholders to share best practices and the solutions to common challenges.

Don Lafferty Sr

The website you are visiting today was my original platform, established in 2006 when bestselling author Jonathan Maberry told me I needed a website if I was ever going to be taken seriously as a professional writer.

I still write a ton of nonfiction for work and occasionally a bit of fiction for fun, and I’ll even teach at the occasional writers’ conference, but as I said, things have changed.

We started Mingl Marketing Group with a vision for providing digital marketing advice and assistance to businesses of all kinds, locally and nationally.

And we had a lot of success, but by the end of year two, the opportunity represented by the underserved HVAC market gave us the incentive to go deep on this niche with the goal of being the national authority in the conversation around the HVAC Buyer’s Journey, and the best ways for contractors to turn this knowledge into increased revenue and a higher quality of life.

Ron Musser & Don Lafferty - Comfort Media Group

Comfort Media Group Team - Minus Ron Musser - 2019

The Comfort Media and Mingl Marketing Group Team

Now I spend my days splitting time between the needs of Mingl and CMG’s client strategies and implementation.

At Comfort Media, we help heating & air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical contractors achieve revenue growth results beyond their expectations using all the things Ron and I have learned together over eight years of experimentation and investment in digital and social media marketing and techniques with some of the best HVAC contractors in the country.

Our Mitsubishi Electric, Carrier, Bryant, Daikin and LG Ductless Sales and Marketing platforms continue to make their mark on HVAC dealers achieving the highest levels of growth and status.

At Mingl Marketing, we deploy the same core belief system in solving B2B and B2C revenue growth using digital channels and tools.

We’ve successfully experienced excellent performance to goals and continue to grow in the following areas:

  • Senior Living Options
  • Palliative
  • Hospice
  • Memory Care
  • After-Care
  • Urgent Care
  • Real Estate
  • Organic Farming
  • Franchise Development
  • Insurance Sales

This will remain my personal space, where I will say things most people won’t care about, and hopefully, won’t reflect too poorly on my family or my business.

If you’re compelled to contact me, please enter your information below or call me at 888-519-1950.

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