Call for SoMeBizLife Presenters – B2C Track

SoMeBizLifeWhat: SoMeBizLife Conference

When: May 30, 2012; time TBD

Where: DelVal College, Doylestown, PA

I’m looking for speakers in the B2C track. There is no pay for this gig, but you are invited to attend the conference for the day. Here are the three session synopses:

Session 1 – 50 minutes.

Session 2 – 50 minutes.

B2C Content Creation – Create Compelling Content Without Busting Your Budget

So you’re on Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. You have a YouTube channel and Pinterest boards, Yelp reviews and a Blog.

How does a business feed content to all these channels in such a way that their message remains interesting, compelling and selling, without sucking up hours of time you don’t have to begin with?

In this session you’ll define the various types of content a business can create, purchase or share, for each of their various social media channels. You’ll outline free and paid tools that can help with the automation of a business’ outward message and brand monitoring, and how they can best employ these tools to identify and connect with their customers to tap into the behaviors that drive lead generation.

Key word: CONTENT

If you’re interested, please send your inquiry, including the key word of the session you’d like to present, to