Story Farm

Two week update: April 24, 2009

I received positive feedback from the client this week, but no commitment to move forward yet. The primary decision maker has acknowledged receipt of the proposal, he’s expressed his approval of our concept, and indicated that he’s close to being ready to go.

I’ve been in sales long enough to know that a win isn’t a win until the check clears, so hang tight and I’ll keep everyone informed as things unfold.

For privacy reasons I’m not sending out mass email to update and inform the group, and I don’t want to clutter the boards with our business correspondence, so check back to this spot for occasional updates until you hear from me directly with a final resolution.

— Don

UPDATE: April 20, 2009

Thanks to everyone who responded. Because of you, I was able to present a tremendously robust proposal to the client last week, and this morning received an acknowledgment of receipt.

I’m trying to schedule a follow-up call with the client by the end of this week to determine what our next steps will be, if any.

A reminder to all AOL users; I seem to have an intermittent problem with AOL bouncing my email, so if you use an AOL mail account and have not received a confirmation from me, please resend from your backup account with STORY FARM AOL in the subject.

Thanks again for your interest and patience.

— Don

Original Post: April 10, 2009

Thanks for taking the time to check this out.

Once more, here’s what I’m looking for, without a lot of the background details:

1. I need a stable of freelance writers to create marketing-oriented stories which will ultimately be published in the form of blogs.

2. I need stable of freelance editors who can ensure the quality of the work.

This is what I know:

1. You’ll be paid for everything you do.

2. Assignments will require fast turnaround, and will probably not be one-time jobs. That is, every job will have a duration of some length, requiring multiple articles of varying word count. Some level of research will likely be required.

3. Writers must be Internet savvy. The more, the better. This could lead to related opportunities.

This is what I don’t know yet:

1. Compensation. Being a writer myself, I know what is and isn’t worth my time. That’s a little different for all of us, so after compiling the responses I receive, I’ll be coming up with a cost per word which will be included in the proposal to the end client.

2. Start date. I have a feeling it could be practically immediately, so if you elect to become involved, please be ready to produce.

3. The amount of work available.

As I mentioned at the start, Opportunity has come knocking. I have to prepare a proposal to a digital marketing firm who is searching for a “Story Farm”; a place they can come to have stories written: stories about products and people that support their client’s needs.

This is a fast-growing marketing company with access to firms like Oakley, Pepsi and General Motors, just to give you a feel for the kind of products and stories they’ll be looking for.

And “stories” is a word used with purpose. This is going to be “story-based marketing” as opposed to features and benefits based, so this is not our father’s marketing copy writing.

If you’re interested, please email me directly at

In the subject line put STORY FARM INQUIRY.

In the body let me know if you want to write or edit or both, and your minimum rate.

I want to make this simple so I’m not requiring a sample of your work, but if you have any examples, or a link to your work, it’ll give you more visibility in the process. Please include this in the body, NOT as an attachment.

I will acknowledge every email I receive according to the instructions outlined above, but can’t guarantee an answer to follow-ups until the process has run its course, which should only take a couple of weeks at most.

Once I know our next steps, if any, I will respond to everyone individually with your personal work instructions.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might be interested.

That’s it. Thanks for your time and attention. I hope we can all make some money here.