The Delaware River at Lambertville, NJ Wing Dam – August 2020

By Don Lafferty | Life

Aug 06

I parked way back in the lot by the Lambertville Station and found my way to the Delaware River right below the Lambertville Wing Dam.

The water was clear and only up a little from recent rain. Evidence of mayhem was all around, however. The ginormous slab of dock or whatever that is jammed up against the bank and the eye-popping collection of heavy debris piled high on the tip of the island tell a tale of a raging river that must be avoided.

My goal was to wade the edge of the river on the Jersey side down to Fireman’s Eddy where I would be able to pick up the canal path and walk back to my car. Fishing, not catching that day.

Only a few treacherous spots.

Lambertville Wing Dam
X marks the spot where I stood while taking the video above


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