The Philly Liar’s Club and Clinton Book Shop ignore monsoon rains to support Indie Booksellers

By Don Lafferty | Author Events

Jun 21

Clinton Book Shop, 33 Main Street, Clinton, NJ

The Philly Liar’s Club hit Clinton Book Shop Saturday afternoon, our next stop on the Philly Liar’s Truth Tour. In spite of the rainy weather, we had a great time, met a bunch of cool, new people and caught up with our friends, Harvey Finkel and Rob Dougherty.

Meeting Maryanne McFadden was a nice surprise too. Hyperion launches her second novel, SO HAPPY TOGETHER, next month. She spent a lot of time talking with us about the grind of author self promotion; which in most cases is the only kind of promotion an author can count on.

Children’s author Sherry Theriault stopped by for a while too, and won a copy of Maberry’s PATIENT ZERO in one of the Truth Telling games by answering a question about, of all things, social media.

“Our children’s section is strong.” commented Clinton Book Shop manager, Rob Dougherty. “We’ve had to cut our hardback inventory back because of this economy but we always seem to have strong demand for children’s books.”

It’s a shame about the rainy weather yesterday because Clinton Book Shop’s location on Main Street in downtown Clinton, NJ, is an awesome spot to spend a day shopping, munching, and people watching.

If you didn’t feel up to braving the rainy weather yesterday, we left a pile of signed books with Harvey and Rob, so stop by when you have a chance and ask Meghan or one of the guys to scare one up for you.

Thanks to Harvey and Rob for their hospitality, and for fighting the good fight for independent bookstores. We’ll be back soon.

Next stop for the Philly Liar’s Truth Tour is Between Books in Claymont, Delaware, July 25th from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. Hope to see you there.

Jim Cebulka

Jim Cebulka showing off the first ever Philly Liar’s Club book tote bag.

Marie Lamba and Seth Malcom

Seth Malcom wins a copy of Marie Lamba’s WHAT I MEANT.

Jon McGoran, Marie Lamba and Clinton Book Shop manager, Rob Dougherty enjoy a break in the monsoon.

Jonathan Maberry, Jon McGoran, Maryann McFadden and Keith Strunk

Dennis Tafoya and Jonathan Maberry.

Picking a winner in the Truth Telling game.

Jon McGoran, Jonathan Maberry, Keith Strunk, Dennis Tafoya, Marie Lamba, Harvey Finkel and Don Lafferty


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