Clinton Book Shop Hosts authors Jonathan Maberry and Jeffrey Ford

By Don Lafferty | Writing

Mar 28

It’s funny how I’m constantly meeting tremendously accomplished people that I never heard of.

I made the one hour drive up to Clinton Book Shop last night to meet up with shop manager Rob Dougherty and PATIENT ZERO author Jonathan Maberry. I didn’t realize until I looked at Rob’s Facebook invitation that THE SHADOW YEAR author Jeffrey Ford was also going to be there.

Rob’s invited me to about a million events, and I almost made a couple, so I was happy when I was finally able to point the car north and hit it.

I found Jonathan his typical upbeat self, talking Indiebound, talking Marvel, talking mad science, and signing books. I’ll see him tomorrow at the monthly Coffeehouse for Writer’s gig at Saxby’s in Doylestown.

Jonathan Maberry and Jeffrey Ford

Jeffrey Ford tuned out to be a nice guy. And he’s a Nebula winner. And an Edgar winner. I picked up his latest novel THE SHADOW YEAR, and talked a little Social Media tools with him.

Just in case you’re wondering, Jeff’s official website is here, not here. He also writes “…essays and rants…” here. Look for him to start stalking you on Twitter and FacebMe and Maberryook soon.

Everybody I know raves about the Clinton Book Shop and the great job Rob and proprietor, Harvey Finkle, do of supporting authors, and the posters lining the walls tell the tale.

They’re looking forward to getting L.A. Banks back up there for an event wrapped around vampires so I hope to be able to talk about that in more detail in the next few weeks.

We’ve also tentatively scheduled a Philly Liar’s Club panel at Clinton Book Shop for the 20th of June, the day before Father’s Day. In case some of you Liar’s are just finding this out here, ummm, lemme know if you can make it.

– dl


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