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By Don Lafferty | Social Media

Mar 31

This morning Jocelyn Kelley followed me on Twitter.

Twitter-logic gets me scratching my head and asking, “Who is this @jocelynkelley and why does she care what I have to say?”

To find my answer I click the link on her Twitter mini-bio and find out that, ahhhh, she’s a literary publicist in the Boston area. Okay, she’s got my attention, and she’s got a blog which I click on to find that she’s (surprise, surprise!) talking about Twitter and is thoughtful enough to provide a couple of killer links – one I knew of, one I didn’t – to people in the world of media and publishing who are active, or at the very least breathing, on Twitter.

So now I’ve learned something new through my Twitter account in the space of about a minute. And I know it’s only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

So thanks to Jocelyn for the follow, and for the new list of interesting Twitter peeps.

And for those of you out there into the comic business, here’s a link to a bunch of Marvel peeps out there twittering their days away, showing the world how much friggin fun they have “at work”.

Got any good resources of people we should be listening to on Twitter?


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