Introducing Mingl Social – A Delaware Valley Social Media Marketing Agency

By Don Lafferty | Social Media

Aug 13

Don LaffertyMy career as a social media marketing professional has been one long learning experience, or more accurately, one learning experience after another, after another, after yet another.

For a while I believed that every social media strategy was unique; I mean down-to-the-bone unique, a.k.a. costly. But over time, with the evolution of the networks, the tools, and the behaviors of the users in the social media audience, the bones of a solid strategy have taken on a very similar look, while the shiny outside of a company’s social media strategy – their voice and activities – showcase the unique nature of their business and value proposition.

This evolution in the social media space, combined with the absolute explosion in acceptance by the business community, has created a need for social media marketing guidance and services that can get a company into the right social media channels without sucking up all their marketing resources, and without necessarily handing the reigns back to the client 100%.

Social Media Philadelphia Bucks CountySome companies just can’t and/or don’t want to do this stuff themselves. They either don’t have the time, staff, the inclination or the understanding of the landsacpe that goes along with creation and nurturing an effective B2C or B2B social media strategy.

So, after spending five years in the trenches of social media, creating and executing hundreds of strategies, attending countless meetups, tweetups, conferences and webinars, I quietly started MINGL SOCIAL in late 2011, in partnership with a couple of my satisfied clients. But that’s a whole ‘nuther story.

Mingl Social - A Delaware Vally Social Media Marketing AgencyNow, after ten months of staffing up, defining processes, and developing a website that articulates what we’re all about, I feel confident that we’ve come up with a formula for delivering world-class social media at a cost that genuinely delivers the ROI that companies are looking for.

There was a time when Social Media was one big kumbaya experiment, but that time has passed. Effective use of Social Media is a necessity for most companies now. The ROI of effective Social Media use is borne out by enough data to fill the Olympic stadium. MINGL SOCIAL gives you a path to sort through it all quickly, effectively and affordably.

I welcome you to check out our standard packages, read answers to the FAQs about MINGL SOCIAL, or contact me directly to discuss your company’s unique B2C or B2B marketing objectives.

— Don


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