ThrillerFest09 Pics: Day 2

By Don Lafferty | Writing

Jul 13

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Team Baldacci

Editor Steve Hoffman, Executive Assistant, Deborah Hocutt and David Baldacci

Robert Rotenberg, Douglas Preston and Philly Liar’s Club author, Dennis Tafoya

Dennis Tafoya, Carla Bucklery and Joe Moore

Randy Sekeres and Backspace founder, Karen Dionne

Steve Forman and Doug Preston

Penguin Putnam’s Neil Nyren introducing the panel of Cussler collaborators at the roast of 2006 ThrillerMaster, Clive Cussler. L-R: Paul Kemprecos, Wayne Valero, Grant Blackwood, Jack DuBrul (hidden) and Justin Scott

Clive Cussler

Cussler and co-author, Grant Blackwood

Cussler collaborators, Grant Blackwood, Jack DuBrul and Paul Kemprecos

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D.L. Wilson, Silver Bullet winner, Brad Meltzer, William Dietrich, Dakota Banks and A.J. Hartley talk about the way the past informs the present and how they incorporate (and twist) history in their stories.

Brad Meltzer, Joe Finder, David Liss, M.J. Rose, David Hewson (hidden) and Mark T. Sullivan discuss the challenge of accuracy in fiction and some of their personal experiences in getting it wrong in print.

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