How to Get More Likes, Comments and Shares on Facebook – A Dan Zarrella Joint

by Don Lafferty on June 21, 2012

Anybody researching Social Media trends, best practices, and real data has heard of Dan Zarrella. Zarrella’s infographics backed by data-driven social media studies give us a peek at some of the behaviors that make or break many of the most successful social media campaigns.

The art of posting content that will be liked, shared and engaged in a Facebook community is one of the most organic aspects of any successful presence management practice. If you’re for real, and you’re connected to like-minded people, it stands to reason that your community will like your stuff.

But what if you’re a local business trying to grow your community through the organic interactions to which the Facebook community lends itself? You’re going to want the most bang for your post, and this infographic from Dan Zarrella shows us a snapshot of the current user behaviors associated with the three most important interactions you can have with a Facebook friend.

Zarella's New Facebook Share, Engage, Comment data

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