A Tale of Two Conferences: re-Set Business Forum and the 140 Characters Conference NYC

By Don Lafferty | Social Media

Apr 12

Attending elective conferences is one of those decisions I usually leave for the absolute last possible minute. I make the final call after I have a better feel for my workload, core business obligations, travel schedule, and in my case, my daughters’ sporting schedules.

What do I mean by “elective conferences”?

I mean conferences outside my core industry segment that I attend purely for the intangibles; conferences I attend because I want to broaden my world; conferences I attend simply because I want to be in the same room as other people in the same mindset as me – people who are wide open to suggestion and opportunity.

A short week from tomorrow, on April 20th, if circumstances allow, and you have the ability to be in New York City, you have the opportunity to attend two of the most affordable, valuable conferences of this type in the world. And I’m not overstating this. These conferences are busting at the seams with opportunity for attendees.

re-Set Business Forum

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sethgodin-200x300 Would you like the chance to have a conversation with Seth Godin or Michael Eisner? How about Tom Peters? (Yes the Tom Peters.) If I throw in Gary Vaynerchuk and Anna Bernasek does that sound like a group might be interested in meeting?


You can, over breakfast, in the Harvard Club of New York, at the inaugural re-Set Business Forum. Orchestrated by the indomitable Debbie Stier of Harper Collins, in conjunction with Vanity Fair, and global conference titans, A Caspian Production, the architects of blockbuster events for the Skoll Foundation, Playworks USA and SJF Advisory Services; this event is swinging for the fences on every level.

The re-Set Business Forum has lined up five of the most disruptive voices in business today to focus their collective philosophies on the journey from here to the future. re-Set is about slaying sacred cows, and turning tradition on its head, and asking the tough questions that’ll jog the conversations you’re not always allowed to have at the office.

Tom Peters Bernasek_Anna_Picture-1-200x300 Vaynerchuk-Gary-200x300

Bring plenty of business cards to this gig, because in addition to the all-star panel, you’ll be in a room full of people who are ready to have that conversation. Expect to come away feeling validated, invigorated and ready to throw down a little re-Set of your own when you get back to work.

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As a sweet bonus for attending, everybody who joins the re-Set Business Forum will walk away with a $110 parting gift: an armload of hardback books authored and signed by the panelists, courtesy of the event organizers.

140 Characters Conference NYC

FireShot capture #087 - '140 Character Conference' - 140conf_com

In 140 characters or less, let me tell you everything you need to know about Jeff Pulver’s 140 Characters Conference:

@donlafferty If you want to know how people are using the Real-Time Web to outflank the competition, this is the place to learn.

@donlafferty If you want to know how people are using the Real-Time Web to accomplish social good, this is the place to learn.

@donlafferty If you want to know how companies are using the Real-Time Web to become better for their customers and markets, this is the place to learn.

@donlafferty If you want to see how the Real-Time Web has the ability to create REAL relationships, this is the only place to be.

Okay, I cheated a little, but the reality is, where you come from has everything to do with the value you’ll take away from the 140 Characters Conference.

Where the re-Set Business Forum has a laser-like focus on redefining Business Models on a global scale, the #140conf has a laser-like focus on individuals and their use of the Real-Time Web in being better at what they do every day.

140 Characters Conference Los Angeles, October 2009

From Donnie Deutsch to Ivanka Trump to Ann Curry and MC Hammer, the roster of speakers and panels stretching through the two full days of the conference touches a dizzying spectrum of topics, goals and interests ranging from real estate to fashion; from education to geo-location; from comic books to small business. Click here for a look at the full schedule of speakers.

In a little over a year, the #140conf hash tag has become an international symbol of community, serendipity, opportunity and generosity. 140 Characters Meetups have sprung up in Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, London, Tel Aviv, Chicago, Houston, Barcelona, and here in Philadelphia. Each gathering under the #140conf banner; each infused with Pulver’s optimism about people’s innate need for connection, and a knowledge based on his experience that good things happen when you fill a room with people open to suggestion and opportunity, mixed with a generous helping of serendipity.

So, if you can juggle your calendar to be available next Tuesday, April 20th and Wednesday, April 21st, and can get yourself into New York City, sign up for one or both of these one-of-a-kind conferences and prepare to have your world opened, turned on its head, re-Set and moved forward.

See you there.

For more about the re-Set Business Forum, click here: http://resetbusiness.com/

For more about the 140 Characters Conference NYC, click here: http://nyc2010.140conf.com/


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