Join Me at PodCamp Philly 2009

By Don Lafferty | Social Media

Sep 29

2009 PodCamp Philly

Are you wondering if your business can benefit from the use of New Media Tools, Strategies and Tactics?

Are you already involved in New Media and now you’re wondering how to optimize your strategy and growing network to raise market awareness and drive revenue?

Then the best deal in town this weekend is 2009 PodCamp Philly, where for a lousy twenty bucks, you can customize your own crash course in all things Social Media.

Ala carte sessions are one hour long and cover the gamut of using Web 2.0 tools and tactics to achieve your goals. Here’s a sample of the menu:

Search Engine Optimization – Sri Nagubandi
How to Calculate Social Media ROI – Christopher Penn
Twitter 101 – Eileen O’Brien
Advanced Video Podcasting Techniques – Steve Lubetkin
Measuring With Analytics – Brian Cosgrove
Advanced Landing Pages – Greg Meyers
How Mobile is Your Social? – Matt Peters
What NOT to do: Myths & Time Wasters – Will Reynolds, Greg Meyers and Liana “Li” Evans

Please join me this Saturday or Sunday at 11:00 am where I’ll be talking about Web 2.0 Strategies and Tactics for Authors & Publishers.

Here’s the complete 2009 schedule. Click here to register.

See you there.

— Lafferty

2009 PodCamp Philly


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